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I want to help college students that are choosing to transfer from Community College to University. I want to give advice, tips and hacks about my transfer journey to students that have or that are already in transition to transfer to University. I did not have anyone to help me when I transferred or transitioned to a University except for YouTubers that did videos about their Transfer experience. Thank you YouTube!!

However, those YouTubers that I watched had their own University Transfer experience that told me what to expect, what to potential bring and how they decorated their rooms. Yet this videos were for other colleges that were not Grand Canyon University. At the time there weren’t many student videos about GCU and what to REALLY expect when you are on GCU’s campus.

That is why I started this blog, June 2017!!!

To advise and inspire students that no matter what school they are going to attend that my personal tips, tricks and hacks can be usefully for any student that is transitioning, already in University or about to graduate from high school. I want to help them to be ready for what they should expect for when they start college.

I can’t wait and I hope that you will be a part of this journey!!!

Thank you!!!

Karina D. Robinson


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