First Week (of My Last First Day of the Fall Semester 2017)

IMG_1002Hey Everyone!!!

It’s the first Day (Of My Last Day of this Fall semester). I am excited to start my classes, but I still don’t know what to expect just yet. I am taking Stategic Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Marketing Management and Management 455- Productions/Operations Management. The classes are Everyday except for Marketing Management that’s online. My first day of class starts at 9:50 and on my second day of classes it starts at 7 am  and my last class starts at 8:45. I am taking one class Monday, Wednesday Friday and Tuesday Thursday I have two classes. So I  can stay in bed for a little bit longer on my 9:50 day class but have to be up bright and early from my 7 am. I enjoy the idea of being able to beat the noon rush hour on campus. Just a disclaimer, I am that  student that would rather take classes that starts at 7 am than wait until later in the evening. I enjoy the idea of being in class early because when everyone is sleeping, I’m done with all my classes and I have the rest of the day to study, workout, hangout with friends, volunteer for clubs I am a part of. I am full-time student this semester which means I am studying constantly and will consistently have an assignment or Collaborative Learning Community (CLC for short) and it is a group project that all GCU students have to do whether it’s for an assignment or a semester-long project and then you have to present your work at the end of the semester for your final. Just depends on the Instructor and class structure). Many students here at GCU will tell you that they either love or absolutely dislike CLCs with a passion. This year I am taking Strategic Management which has a heavy CLC work load which also means that I am in a group with four for five of my peers and we will working together all semester long. CLCs are hard and long, but if you have the right group of people CLCs are extremely rewarding. However if you are having difficulties in your CLC group (I will be keeping you in my prayers), make sure to talk to that member and see if they can pull their weight. If nothing changes please talk to your Instructor and he or she will talk to them and if not happens with the Instructor talking to them. You and your group can fire that person after your Instructor gives you the okay to do so. Work hard and be prepared for those CLCs!!! I am excited for this semester and its only been a few days, but I know that after this week it will be more hectic so keep me in your prayers. I know that God will keep me and provide for me when I can’t handle or have control over various situations. I am so grateful to be at Grand Canyon University because I can talk about God all day and no one looks at me weird or judges me. I LOVE THAT!!! Thank you God for giving me this opportunity to attend Grand Canyon University and for this to (sadly) be my last semester here. I am grateful and appreciative of this opportunity and I will keep you guys posted on my journey!!!

Is there any ideas or suggestions that you want me to talk about in my blog. This is a place where I am just sharing my journey but if you have any questions or want to know more about Grand Canyon, leave a comment. Reach out to me because I want to get to know you all. Thank you and have a great night.



Pray, Eat and Love



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